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Private practice is always a good idea, once you've reached a level where you can drive with friends and family without relying on dual controls. DVSA research shows that people pass their tests more easily after a combination of private practice and lessons with a driving school.

The only thing is that you must have 'L'-plates and someone sitting next to you who is over 21 and has had their full UK licence for at least 3 years.

But what about insurance?

Until now, you had one of three choices:

  • Buy your own regular car insurance for a year.
  • Get added to someone else's policy as a second driver.
  • Drive without insurance.
  • The first choice can be very expensive and if you buy your car, then pass your test, the premium can be reduced, but many insurance companies charge an administration fee.

    The second choice is less expensive, however, most insurance companies don't award any no-claims bonus until you get your own insurance.

    The third choice is a criminal offence. It can get you a fine and points on you licence (yes, even a provisional!!). This will then make future insurance even more expensive.

    Now there is a solution.

    Collingwood Learners is an insurance company with a difference. It's the only company that has insurance just for learner drivers. All insurance is fully comprehensive .

    This means that you can drive someone else's car and if your unlucky enough to have an accident, it does not affect the no-claims bonus of whoever owns the car. That also means that if you stay out of trouble, you can earn your own no-claims bonus from the very beginning.

    PLUS - You can get insurance policies lasting from one week to six months.

    Click on the link below for affordable insurance while you practice between lessons and stay legal.

    Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance
    Collingwood Insurance Services (UK) Ltd is authorised & regulated by the Financial Services Authority (Ref: 310870)

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