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U-Turn Driving School is also an approved fitter for AlloyGator alloy wheel protectors.

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A Typical Complaint Between Driving Instructors Waiting Outside The Test Centre...

"I teach them all the same way, but half of them NEVER listen!"


You are an individual, not just a pupil
How do you learn? Strange question? 
...Many driving instructors make is thinking that we all learn in the
SAME way and use rigid methods that actually date back to the 1970s. The fact is that we DON'T
!!! The first thing that you'll receive from U-Turn Driving School is a short questionnaire to discover how you take in new information. Whether you pick up things by seeing, hearing, feeling them, or a combination of these is something you may not even KNOW.
But the advantage HERE
is that you'll get your training from an instructor who also has a degree in PSYCHOLOGY
and will find the way to help you learn as QUICKLY as possible.

Lessons and mock practical tests are recorded on CCTV so that you can review your driving, make sense of complex situations, learn from mistakes and see your improvements. You can take copies with you on your USB memory stick, SD card or, on request, they can be uploaded privately to YouTube, where only you can see them.

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The videos feature the Green Man, Beehive, Redbridge, Whipps Cross, Charlie Brown, George Lane, Crooked Billet & Waterworks Roundabouts.

Videos also feature driving test routes in Barking & Goodmayes!

You will be coached by a former BSM and AA Driving School instructor who is relaxed, but professional top graded (Grade 6) in an air-conditioned Ford Fiesta Turbo Diesel (MANUAL) or a Citroen C3 (AUTOMATIC). You will find help with the theory test, the practical driving tests, Pass Plus and many other ways to help you pass your test quickly & easily, stay safe and save money.

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for details.
Now, apart from the usual "promises" of patience and reliability,

what do you get by going with U-Turn Driving School?

Money-Back Guarantee

If after your lesson, you are not completely satisfied with the service, you'll get a FULL REFUND for that lesson. (Refund must be claimed at the end of the driving lesson)

U-Turn Driving School uses DriverActive. Pass your test FASTER!

How fast are your reactions? How can you make decisions for yourself? When is the best time to learn about manoeuvres? You'll find the answers to these questions and many others by using DriverActive.

DriverActive is a full and comprehensive online driving course like no other. The course has been put together by John Farlam, the UK's leading expert on learning to drive. The full course is normally £2.99 for 90 days access, but you can enjoy a free trial here. And all new customers will be given a voucher for the FULL 90 days FREE !

Top Grade Instructor

All UK driving instructors are regularly tested by the DSA and are given a grade from 1 (lowest) to 6 (highest). Most hold Grade 4 or above. Less than 10% of Driving Instructors hold a Grade 6. You'll also have an instructor with a reputation for patience, a BSc in Psychology and was trained by BSM in 1993 as well as having worked for 10 years at AA The Driving School.
Full hourly lessons
Nobody sitting in the back of the car for you to take home at the beginning of your driving lesson.
Free logbook
As well as regular interactive assessments, you have a free logbook with your appointment card to help keep track of your progress. A more detailed copy is kept in the car, so that you always have an idea of how well you're doing.
Free Online Help
- Once you start taking lessons with U-Turn Driving School, you'll get regular e-mails with help and guidance with ANY aspect of driving. Whether it's for the theory test, the practical test, or beyond.
Free Study Materials

To help speed up your learning, you will get official mock Theory Tests free of charge . Plus, you'll also receive a comprehensive range of homework, unique and exclusive to U-Turn Driving School that will no only help with driving theory, but will also help your understanding of practical driving.
Hazard Perception Test
Problem solving skills are essential when driving. As well as ongoing practical advice about finding and dealing with hazards, you'll also benefit from the interactive DVD used in the car. You can learn all about how the HPT works, have practice sessions and even try your hand at a proper mock Hazard Perception Test.
Value For Money
You get a top graded driving instructor, who has worked at the country's two major driving schools, at a competitive price. A structured course, following the DSA syllabus but with your personality in mind, means that you'll always leave the car feeling better about your knowledge and skills.
And a step closer to passing your driving test!!!
Here are a couple of testimonials:

"If anyone is looking to take lessons in East London..I would highly recommend U-turn Driving School. My instructor was Simon...He is the best...:)
He made me feel at ease and helped me with my all thanks to him I past first time....Wohooo!....:)
Thanx Simon.....:)"

- Farjana Begum, Bethnal Green

" Simon is an excellent instructor, with a very friendly personality. He's extremely patient and notes down your weak points in order to ensure that you become an all rounded safe driver. He makes sure that all uncertainties get completely covered, and everything is justified with a logical explanation. I had difficulty passing my test for a while, but when I chose Simon, I passed very soon! As he's a grade 6 instructor and with a psychology degree under his belt, all his skills really come through when he teaches you in that driver's seat. He's very professional and reliable and without him I couldn't have passed! Driving is for life so learning to drive is probably one of the most important part of your life and I think everyone needs to learn with Simon so that we can all be excellent safe drivers!"

- Anil Chamdal, East Ham.

Don't forget. Satisfaction...
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